We energize people.

Infusing vitality into businesses, Vivos Holdings seeks to provide an environment that fosters a sense of liveliness and excitement among our employee-owners, creating a catalyst for growth. We are driven by a desire to delight our customers and consumers by leveraging the power of our employee-owners, our brands and our assets.

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As our name implies, Vivos Holdings is a consumer packaged goods holding company, focused on providing household and personal care products to retail and industrial customers and consumers. We aim to become one of the fastest growing household and personal care consumer products companies in the United States. We plan to do so by focusing on both inorganic and organic growth, by focusing on cash flow over accounting earnings, and by focusing on portfolio optimization rather than simply scale.

Our companies provide a broad range of products and services

Vivos Holdings is a consumer packaged goods holding company with businesses focused on providing a range of household and personal care products and services to retail and industrial customers and consumers.  Vivos sits at the center of our organizational structure, providing certain administrative services, such as legal, finance, internal audit, treasury, information technology, human resources, risk management, insurance and tax matters, to each of its businesses.  Each of our businesses is responsible for driving operating results and developing and executing the strategies specific to each company.

Dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products that consumers desire at prices that are affordable for all.

Dedicated to elevating brands to reach new heights, UpLift Brands creates postive growth through an ever-changing landscape.

Dedicated to providing a broad array of research & development, analytical and laboratory services to the personal care and household products industries.