About Us

Vivos Holdings is a consumer packaged goods holding company, focused on providing household and personal care products to retail and industrial customers and consumers. We aim to become one of the fastest growing household and personal care consumer products companies in the United States. We plan to do so by focusing on both inorganic and organic growth, by focusing on cash flow over accounting earnings, and by focusing on portfolio optimization rather than simply scale.

our mission

To leverage the power of our employee-owners, our brands and our assets to delight our customers and consumers.

Our Values

We are accountable. We set high expectations for ourselves and one another and accept responsibility for our actions.

We are collaborative and courageous. We know that success is only achievable through our collective efforts, and we are not afraid to provide one another feedback. We are committed to giving our best to each other and to the consumers we serve.

We are entrepreneurial. We challenge the status quo, constantly striving for better, smarter ways to do things while maintaining our entrepreneurial agility to quickly seize opportunities.

We act with integrity. We never compromise on our commitment to make high-quality products that consumers desire.  We are committed to doing business with strong character and a passion for excellence.

We are respectful. We value each member of our team and work hard to build people up through encouragement and empowerment.